If you have a PROMETHEAN panel on a stand, please click here for help.

Displays and Monitors

  • Wireless Projection to Classroom Big Screen Monitor

  • Video Tutorial on Miracast

    Monitor Connectivity Issues

    Plug in Laptop to Monitor, Check INPUT using the button on the back of monitor or remote.

    Big Screen Monitor Sound Issues

    1. Plug in Laptop to Monitor

    2. Choose Control Panel on Laptop

    3. Manage Devices

    4. Right Click on TV

    5. Set as Default

    Input should say "PC" if you have the VGA Cable. This will not send sound signal. Attach speakers to laptop (extra speakers in library).

    Black cable with blue VGA connections

    Input should be HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 if you are using an HDMI cord. Older laptops need a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI dongle.

    Mini display port to HDMI dongle