• The Comic Book Club of Fox Road Magnet Elementary School is intended to provide interested students an opportunity to:

    • share their interests in comic books, illustrated novels and comic art
    • discuss superhero creation and design
    • participate in costume mask making, learn about the history of cosplay (costume role-play) and comic book conventions (comicons)
    • view clips from, and then critique, superhero movies, anime, cartoons and fan-made animation short videos
    • participate in debates regarding the merits of Marvel Superheroes versus DC Superheroes
    • learn about the toy, print, animation and motion picture industries
    • build their own superhero universe
    • discuss superhero mythology from around the world
    • conduct kid-friendly superhero science experiments
    The Fox Road Comic Book Club will meet in the Media Center on alternating Tuesdays.
    Students will need their parents' permission and a teacher recommendation to participate in the club and will have to arrange to be picked up at the school by their parent/guardian when the club ends. 
    Here's the schedule for 2019-20:

    September 11th Welcome to the Club 4-5:30

    September 25th What Makes a Hero? Character Design 4-6


    October 16th Costumes and Cosplay 4-5:15

    October 30th Mask Making 4-6


    November 6th Hometown Hero (Guest Speaker) 4-5:30

    November 20th Board Game Design 4-6


    December 4th World Building 4-5:30

    December 18th A Star Wars Celebration 4-6

    December 21st Star Wars Episode 9 Movie Event 10 am-1 pm Regal North Hills


    January 8th Comic Book Creation Day 1 4-5:30

    January 22nd Comic Book Creation Day 2 4-5:30


    February 12th (TBA) 4-6

    February 26th Representation Matters 4-5:30


    March 11th Super Hero Fitness 4-6

    March 25th Super Hero Science 4-5:30


    April 15th The Toy Industry 4-5:30

    April 29th Lego Fest 4-5:30


    May 13th Home Town Hero 4-5:30

    May 27th Superhero Finale 4-6



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