• Comic Book Club

    The Comic Book Club of Fox Road Magnet Elementary School is intended to provide interested students an opportunity to:

    • share their interests in comic books, illustrated novels and comic art
    • discuss superhero creation and design
    • participate in costume mask making, learn about the history of cosplay (costume role-play) and comic book conventions (comicons)
    • view clips from, and then critique, superhero movies, anime, cartoons and fan-made animation short videos
    • participate in debates regarding the merits of Marvel Superheroes versus DC Superheroes
    • learn about the toy, print, animation and motion picture industries
    • build their own superhero universe
    • discuss superhero mythology from around the world
    • conduct kid-friendly superhero science experiments
    The Fox Road Comic Book Club will meet in the Media Center on alternating Thursdays.
    Students will need their parents' permission to participate in the club and will have to arrange to be picked up at the school by their parent/guardian when the club ends. 
    Here's the schedule for 2022-23:

    September 29th What Makes a Hero?  4:15-5:30 PM

    October 13th Be the hero!  Character design.  4:15-5:30 PM  

    October 27th Who's behind the mask?  Mask making project 4:15-5:30 PM  

    November 17th Home Sweet Home!  World Building  4:15-5:30 PM  

    December 1st  Make your move!  Board Game Design 4:15-5:30 PM  

    December 15th It's a celebration!  Mini Carnival Games 4:15-6:00 PM  

    January 5th The choice is yours. Comic Book Creation Day 1 4:15-5:30 PM  

    January 19th The choice is yours. Comic Book Creation Day 2   4:15-5:30 PM  

    February 16th Why representation matters.  Superheroes around the world.  4:15-5:30 PM  

    March 9th  What does the Fox say?  Superhero science 4:15-5:30 PM  

    March 23th Let's get fit!  Superhero fitness (in the gym) 4:15-6:00 PM  

    April 13th  It's all connected!  The Toy Industry 4:15-5:30 PM  

    April 27th Everything is awesome!  Lego Fest 4:15-5:30 PM  

    May 18th Superhero Finale! Dance party  4:15-6:00 PM  



Comic Book Club
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