• Kindergarten Staggered Entry Dates 

    Monday, Aug. 26th                 
    Last Names Beginning With  A,B,C
    Tuesday, Aug. 27th               
    Last Names Beginning With  D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L
    Wednesday, Aug. 28th           
    Last Names Beginning With  M,N,O,P,Q
    Thursday, Aug. 29th             
    Last Names Beginning With  R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z



Upcoming Events


  • Exhibition

    Students Take Action During PYP Exhibition

    Fifth grade students at Fox Road Elementary take part in an in-depth and collaborative inquiry project known as the PYP Exhibition.  Students chose from one of the Sustainable Goals for Global Development created by the United Nations for this project.  They created guiding questions, took action and presented their findings to the school community.  Find more information about the PYP Exhibition here.  

  • Making Connections

    Dr. Lewis takes time out to engage with our students.

  • Good News Family

    Good News at Fox Road!

    One of our proud families at our quarterly
    Good News celebration

  • Wallace Students

    Wallace Elementary Students Are Finally Back to School!
    They were so excited to receive their pencil pouches and sweet notes from our students.

     Wallace Supplies

    Supplies were generously donated by staff, students, parents, and our community for the students at Wallace Elementary.

    Teacher Interview

    Mrs. Meile's Class interviews a teacher from Wallace Elementary.
    They learned about the effects the storm had on their school and community.


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  • Project LIT

    Project LIT is on FIRE at Fox Road!

    Project LIT is a national, grassroots literacy movement dedicated to empowering students as readers and leaders while increasing access to high-quality, culturally relevant books.  Students immediately gravitated toward the chosen book, Ghost by Jason Reynolds.  A group of fifth grade students helped to plan and organize the event. Over 100 students, parents, teachers and community members came together to discuss characters, make connections, test their memory, take part in a World Record challenge, and vote on the next Project LIT book.  It was truly a success to see so many parts of our community coming together to celebrate the love of reading at Fox Road Magnet Elementary.

    Project LIT

  • Keisha McNeil

    Congratulations Keisha McNeil - Fox Road Elementary's 2018 Teacher of the Year!

  • Dr. Lewis

    Our Principal, Dr. Robert Lewis

    Meet our Principal, Dr. Robert Lewis. Read more


  • job

    Spotlight on Staff: Ms. Job

    Meet our Science Teacher, Ms Job.  Read more here.

  • betsy

    Spotlight on Staff: WCPSS Teacher of the Year

    Meet fifth grade teacher and WCPSS Teacher of the Year, Ms. Jordan. Read More

  • Mark Braxton

    Spotlight on Staff: WCPSS Instructional Assistant of the Year

    Meet Mr. Braxton.  He is an instructional assistant, head of the comic book club, coach of the step team, and the WCPSS instructional assistant of the year!


  • Certified Magnet School

    Fox Road Magnet Elementary is proud to announce that we have successfully met the rigorous Magnet School Standards of Excellence. These standards are set by the National Institute for Magnet School Leadership, and they define the essential elements of an outstanding magnet school, including innovation, professional development, classroom diversity, family and community engagement – and much more. We’re honored to be named a 2019 Nationally Certified-Demonstration Magnet School. 

  • Magnet School of Excellence

    Fox Road Magnet Elementary has been named a National Magnet School of Excellence by Magnet Schools of America, the national association for magnet and theme-based schools. more


  • How We Express Ourselves

    How We Express Ourselves

    Mrs. Turnau's first graders wrapped up the unit, "How We Express Ourselves" with a special celebration yesterday. As a part of this unit, students explored traditions and celebrations important to various cultures. Students and parents shared their traditional clothing and customs with the class and many students shared that they often celebrate with a piñata. As a result, the students made their own piñatas out of balloons using paper mache and they took turns breaking them open.

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