About Fox Road



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    Where the World Learns Together

    Our families hail from more than 50 different countries and speak about 35 different native languages. Our culturally diverse student body makes Fox Road Magnet a global school community.  
    We have a strong focus on academic growth for all students and on fostering and sustaining a culture of learners and learning.  
    One of the key ways that we will help our students recognize what it takes to be a lifelong learner is the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile. By teaching our students to be inquirers; knowledgeable; thinkers; communicators; principled; open-minded; caring; risk-takers; balanced; and reflective, we are providing them an understanding of how to be successful in their lives. 
    Our faculty and staff use school wide Positive Behavior Intervention Support expectations to teach and reinforce the same behavioral expectations that are expected of our global, often wall-less, society.
    Fox Road Magnet students demonstrate that they are SWIFT. They:
    • Stay safe
    • Work because it matters
    • Interact peacefully
    • Focus on responsibility
    • Treat others with respect.  
    Each homeroom begins their day with a Morning Meeting, intended to build community, responsibility, and respect. We work to ensure that our students are prepared for the world ahead of them, academically, socially, and ethically.
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    At Fox Road Magnet, more than 40% of our faculty has graduate degrees. All Fox Road Magnet Instructional Assistants are highly qualified as well.
    Fox Road Magnet teachers and instructional assistants go above and beyond on behalf of our students.
    They provide extracurricular activities that currently include:  
    • FRES News Crew
    • Recycling Club
    • Art Club
    • Recorder Club
    • Chorus
    • Step Team
    • Comic Book Club
    • Ladies of Excellence
    • Student Ambassadors
    • Helping Hands
    • Science Club
    At Fox Road Magnet we work together as a community to support our students with a focus on making sure that every child is benefitting from his/her education. We are providing a 21st Century education for our children focusing on providing them the skills and attitudes that will serve them well in life.
    We are located in North Raleigh between Capital Boulevard and Louisburg Road/Highway 401, about a mile from the Triangle Town Center mall.