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    Hawk's Nest Courtyard Lunch Visits

    We are pleased to announce that beginning September 10th, Hawk’s Nest Courtyard Lunch Visits will be available by reservation. However, please know that student, staff, and building safety remain our top priority and space is limited. If you are interested in visiting your child during their lunchtime, please adhere to all the following procedures:

    Make A Reservation:

    Kindergarten Reservation

    1st Grade Reservation

    2nd Grade Reservation

    3rd Grade Reservation

    4th Grade Reservation

    5th Grade Reservation

    Before Arriving 

    1. Please be aware that space is limited. 

    2. You must be your child’s legal guardian in order to visit them during lunch. 

    3. You may only bring lunch for yourself and your child, not your child and their friends. 

    4. Reserve your spot using the links above. 

    5. Email your child’s teacher in advance. 


    Upon Arrival 

    1. Sign in using our Visitor Management System.

    2. Choose the Parent/Guardian/Visitor Option.

    3. You will be prompted to scan your driver’s license or photo ID. 

    4. Designate your destination as: COURTYARD

    5. Designate your purpose of visit as: LUNCH WITH [STUDENT NAME]. 

    6. Wait in the office until directed to the cafeteria. 

    7.Sit with your child at one of the courtyard tables. Parents/guardians may not sit at the class table with other students. 

    8. You may not take photos that include students other than your child. 

    9. You may not attend recess with your child after lunch is over.

    10. Sign out via the front office.

    Things To Keep In Mind 

    At Hortons Creek we value and encourage family engagement, and visiting your child during lunch can be a special treat for students and families. However, we do ask that interested parents/guardians utilize the practice sparingly and not make a habit of it. Constant parental presence at school can often inadvertently ostracize your child from other students, weaken their self-confidence in their own abilities, and unknowingly thwart the development of healthy independence and maturity.

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