Positivity Project @ Hortons Creek Elementary

  • The vision of the Positivity Project is to help create citizens and leaders who will enhance our community by internalizing the belief that “Other People Matter.” This goes hand-in-hand with Hortons Creek's #otherhawksmatter mindset. 

    Positive psychology’s scientifically validated 24 character strengths serve as its foundation. Positive psychology teaches that people have all 24 strengths within them – and that character is not just skills or behaviors, but rather an intrinsic part of each of us.

    The Positivity Project is not a program with strict guidelines. Instead, it educates teachers on the character strengths and relies on them to teach in a way that best meets their students’ needs. It is a school-wide endeavor, grounded in the consistency of daily classroom instruction. Their model is holistic; it incorporates students, educators, and parents through regular interaction with character strengths vocabulary and concepts.


    WATCH: Of This, I'm Positive

    MORE INFO: Positivity Project Family Information 

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