Center for World Languages and Spanish Immersion

  • Along with DDMMS, we are the first and only program with the theme "Center for World Languages and Spanish Immersion being implemented school-wide in WCPSS from Kindergarten to Eighth grade.

    World Language Instruction

    Students will select one of two daily world languages either in  Spanish or French to study on a daily basis of instruction embedded in special classes in art, music, physical education, media, and technology with a goal of becoming bilingual before they enter high school. Global learning is integrated into core content areas.

    Spanish Language Immersion:

    Offered to cohorts of students who select this option within the schools’ theme. 80% of daily instruction is delivered in Spanish and the remaining 20% delivered in English. Offered to two classes per grade level and phased in over five-years.

    This program is:

    • Evidence-based literacy program
    • Provides full-time world language teachers
    • Taught through a variety of instructional models for world language instruction
    • Globally-focused with thematic curriculum units
    • Provides global studies elective and clubs
    • Embraces innovative learning spaces to support global leaning
    • Motivated to provide magnet-themed family engagement activities
    • Immersion program begins in two classes in kindergarten and 1st grade and expanded over grades each additional year and continues through 8th grade
    • Focuses on grade-level literacy skills, math, science, and social studies in Spanish