• Welcome to Dillard Drive Elementary!

    We are excited to share with you our vision of building on the excellent academic success that DDES students have achieved over the last several years. By working together with parents, a strong PTA, and community volunteers, our teachers and staff have supported student learning through excellent academic instruction, effective intervention and tutoring programs, and a positive behavior and intervention (PBIS) support program. Our students have responded by demonstrating excellent academic growth and proficiency scores.

    While we are certainly proud of these past accomplishments, we continue to strive to improve. We are focused on providing more technology for our students and teachers to use as learning tools. We have just had updates to our computer network infrastructure and have wireless capability throughout the building. Thanks to the hard work of our PTA, as well as some funding provided by grants, we are adding to the technology available in the classrooms for students and teachers to use.

    However, the most up to date technology is not a replacement for good teachers and staff members. At Dillard Drive Elementary School we have the most dedicated and talented group of educators I've ever been associated with. They are constantly seeking ways to improve their instruction. They use data to inform their practice and collaborate with each other in order to best meet student needs. They envision learning as a life long process and seek to embed that love of learning into our students.

    We hope you will take some time to browse through this website and see the great things that DDES has to offer students. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We think you will find, like we have, that Dillard Drive Elementary School is a great place to learn and work!

    Warm regards,
    James Douglas, Principal