• Drop Off Instructions

    Parents/guardians that drive their student to school should enter campus by using either Jim Valvano Drive (off of Maynard Road) or Jimmy Burns Way (off of Walnut Street). Parents/guardians arriving before 7:10 AM may drop their children off in the staff parking lot near Walnut Street. Parents/guardians will then exit campus by turning right onto Walnut Street.  Parents arriving after 7:10 AM will be instructed to drop off in front of the 2000 building. We request that all parents pull as far forward as possible in the traffic circle to assist with the smooth flow of traffic in the morning. Parents/guardians that use Jim Valvano Drive and enter campus from Maynard Road near the football stadium should follow the posted traffic pattern signs to the drop off location. The student drop off is between the band trailer and the flagpole beside and in front of the 1100 building.

    Students are not allowed to be dropped off or picked up from any other location on campus or off campus. Students are not permitted to be dropped off near the auditorium, band room, gymnasium, or in the Senior Parking Lot. This procedure should be followed during morning drop off and afternoon pickup each instructional day.

    **Note: All students are required to leave campus at the conclusion of each school day unless they are participating in a staff sponsored club or activity. Students who remain after school unsupervised will be subject to disciplinary action**