Knightdale High School of Collaborative Design

  • Every Student College Ready!

    The Knightdale High School Of Collaborative Design (KHSCD) is about personalizing the High School experience. Students will be able to tackle rigorous courses because they will be taught in an engaging and real-world environment. All courses (grades 9-12) will be immersed in the Problem and Project Based Learning philosophy. Students will be graded on the process, product, and communication of their content acquisition. Learning is personalized by offering interest based institutes and flexibility in content delivery. Students in grades 10-12 will select one of four institute pathways, depending on their level of interest.
    Culture Of Excellence
    The competencies and the problem based learning scenarios offer a vehicle to deliver the curriculum in an engaging and rigorous environment. The mission of Knightdale High School Of Collaborative Design is "Every Student College Ready!".
    Rising Freshmen have the opportunity to participate in the Freshman Leadership Institute. Rising Sophomores will choose from one of four institutes. These unique groups with common interests offer programs which allow students to study and socialize as part of a smaller community while still taking advantage of the intellectual and cultural diversity of our school as a whole.

    Institute of Freshman Leadership

    Students will begin their high school experience in the Freshman Leadership Institute. This school-within-a-school environment for our freshmen assists students with the transition to high school. Skills that are necessary to be successful in high school and beyond are explicitly taught through the Teen Leadership and Freshman Seminar courses. Exciting Problem Based Learning and technology integrated lessons allow students to start their high school career in a vibrant and engaging way!

    Institute of Innovation

    In the Institute of Innovation, students will use the Engineering Design Process to solve real world scientific and engineering problems. Students enter the institute during their sophomore year and choose from courses that explore and solve innovative scientific, technological, engineering and math problems. Teachers collaborate to ensure that all instruction and assessments align to the innovation philosophy. Furthermore, elective course offerings align to the innovation theme.

    Institute of Creative Design

    Students in the Institute of Creative Design investigate rigorous and relevant scenarios that require creativity to problem solve. Students utilize the methodology of “design thinking” to access deep levels of critical thinking and understanding of content as they investigate and develop new and exciting ideas and processes.Personalized learning is emphasized and nurtured within the Institute of Creative Design through the artistic exploration of the Fine and Performing Arts, the development of digital and computer applications and programs, and the creation of plays, poetry and stories in English Language Arts.Students collaborate with each other in and outside of their own classrooms and with the greater school community as they create, perform and publish their works.

    Institute of Government & Global Inquiry

    The Institute of Government and Global Inquiry tackles environmental and social problems found in communities throughout the world such as complex problems that require inquiry, debate, and respectful dialogue.
    Citizens in the 21st Century recognize the importance of understanding and respecting differing cultures and beliefs so that true collaboration can occur in order to solve problems effectively. Students in the Institute of Government and Global Inquiry delve into environmental and social issues in order to add their voice to seemingly unanswerable problems. Both Knightdale Career Academies - KAES & KAPS are an integral part og the Institute of Government & Global Inquiry.

    Institute of Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurs are visionary leaders. Students in the Institute of Entrepreneurship are nurtured to develop their vision for future tools, products, businesses, and industries. Many future jobs have not yet been created and many tools are still to be discovered.
    The students in the Institute of Entrepreneurship may be the ones to create the next big billion dollar idea. An example of a problem based learning scenario would be students working with the Chamber of Commerce to create an analysis of the types of businesses that Knightdale should try to attract. Students might design and conduct feasibility studies, market analysis, human resource plans, and promotional and marketing plans. Students would present their ideas to the Chamber Board and the Town Council.