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  • Cary HS Student Expectations 


    There is a direct relationship between attendance and student success. The more time students are in the classroom, the more opportunities they have to be successful. We also know from time to time it is necessary to be out of class. Please use the quick reference topics below to help answer any questions you may have in regards to attendance. Policies regarding attendance are described in detail under Wake County Board Policy 6000.

    Skipping Classes

    The safety of our students is our highest priority, which is why skipping is considered a serious infraction. Parents, we need your help! Please discuss the seriousness of this issue with your student. We make every effort to monitor students. Students who choose to leave campus without permission or are otherwise unaccounted for, potentially put themselves at risk. This kind of behavior can lead to negative and unfortunate circumstances. Let your student know that this is unsafe and is unacceptable! Besides, it is difficult to be successful in school, if you are not at school.

    Students are required to attend class daily and refrain from being in unauthorized locations throughout the school year. Any student who chooses not to attend class, walks off campus without permission, and/or signs in or out without permission will be considered skipping.

    Skipping is defined as being more than ten (10) minutes late for a class or activity without a valid reason or a note from school staff.  Students who leave campus during lunch without a lunch pass or who leave campus without signing-out through the Attendance Office with parent permission or students who are found in an unauthorized area during Smart Lunch are also considered as skipping.  
    Students who skip class and/or school are subject to any of the following disciplinary actions:
    • First Offense:  23 Minutes Lunch Detention in 3140
    • Second Offense: 50 Minutes Lunch Detention in the Discipline Office
    • Third Offense: After School Detention (ASD) in the Discipline Office with parent notification
    • Fourth Offense: In School Suspension (ISS) Full Day with Parent Notification
    • Fifth Offense: 2 Days Out of School Suspension (OSS) with a 1 Day Alternative Learning Center (ALC) Placement Upon Return and a Parent Notification, Academic Referral Submitted to Intervention Coordinator
    • Sixth Offense:  2 Days Out of School Suspension (OSS) with a 5 Day Alternative Learning Center (ALC) Placement Upon Return and a Parent Notification and an Intervention Coordinator Develops a Personal Education Plan
    • Seventh Offense: 3 Days Out of School Suspension (OSS) with a 10 Day Alternative Learning Center (ALC) Placement Upon Return and a Parent Notification, an ALC Coordinator Develops a Personal Behavioral Plan
    • Eighth Offense:  5 Days Out of School Suspension (OSS) with a 15 Day Alternative Learning Center (ALC) Placement Upon Return and a Parent Notification and an Intervention Coordinator Makes Referral to Student Support Team (SST)
    • Ninth Offense:  7 Days Out of School Suspension (OSS) with a 20 Day Alternative Learning Center (ALC) Placement Upon Return and a Parent Notification
    • Tenth Offense:  10 Days Out of School Suspension (OSS) with a Recommendation for a Long Term Suspension and Alternative Placement Process Started.
    Conference with their grade level administrator and parent/loss of lunch pass for the remainder of the quarter
    After School Detention (ASD)
    Parent/Counselor Intervention Conference
    One or two-day suspension from school
    Three-day suspension from school
    Student may be required to spend time in the Alternative Learning Center


    Students must be in their seats at the sound of the tardy bell for each period. Teachers will handle each student's first three tardies each semester by contacting parents and assigning consequences. Students who enter the classroom after class has started can cause a disruption or interrupt instructional time. On the occasion that a student has a reason to be late for a class, he/she should have a pass admitting them to class.

    Arriving Late 

    Students who arrive to school after 8:00 must sign in at the Attendance Office. If half of a class is missed, the student will be marked absent for the entire period.

    Leaving Early

    Students who need to leave prior to the end of the school day must present a note from a parent/guardian to the Attendance Office. This note must include a date, time, the student's name, and the reason for leaving. Notes will be confirmed with a parent/guardian before the student is released. Additionally, notes must be dropped off at the Attendance Office prior to the start of the school day. To ensure student safety, parents/guardians are expected to come to the attendance office to sign their student out. When checking a student out, park in the designated attendance parking spaces in the front of the 3-story building.

    Leaving Early & Returning the Same Day

    Students who return to school before the day is over must sign in at the Attendance Office. Otherwise, they are marked absent for the remainder of the school day. Additionally, failure to sign out properly will result in disciplinary action.


    The first day you return, bring a note from a parent, doctor, etc. to the Attendance Office. Notes should clearly list the student's name, date(s) of absence, and the reason for being absent. Notes must be signed by a parent or legal guardian with a working phone number. All absences will be considered unexcused until an excuse note has been submitted. When students miss class, the automated phone system will call the phone number on file, to notify the parents of the absence.