• Social Studies Department

    Courses & Curriculum

    Students will take a Social Studies course during each year of their high school experience.  All students will be required to take and pass World History, Civics Literacy, American History and Economic and Personal Finance in order to graduate.  Academic and Honors levels are available in all four courses for Social Studies.  An Advanced Placement (AP) option is also available in place of the Civics Literacy or American History courses and for World History. 
    Due to the new standards requirements, pacing is different for the Class of 2024. Please reach out to your counselor with questions about graduation requirements. 

    Social Studies electives offered are the following: African American Studies Honors, Holocaust & Genocide Honors, AP Psychology, Sociology Honors, AP US Gov’t & Politics, and AP World History.

    Contact Information

    For more information, please contact the department chair, Alicia Romo, aromo@wcpss.net.