• Elective Courses for 6th Grade Students

    Elective courses are not required subject areas like reading and math, but are optional courses that may be of interest to your child.  Each middle school offers unique elective courses that your child can choose to take.   

    The elective courses listed below are options for 6th grade students. Your child will select either band or four primary electives and two alternate electives from this list.

    Your elementary school will support your child in entering their selection into our system. 

    It is important to note that the availability of elective courses is dependent upon each school’s master schedule, and choosing an elective does not guarantee its availability in your child’s individual schedule.

  • Band (yearlong)

  • Keyboarding (9 weeks)

  • Art (9 weeks)

  • Spanish (9 weeks)

  • Music (9 weeks)

  • Technology Education (9 weeks)

  • Social and Emotional Learning (9 weeks)

  • Computer Science I (9 weeks)

  • Introduction to Theater (9 weeks)