• S.T., 6th Grade Student--This is my very first year at Martin and my first year at middle school, I was so scared about middle school but Martin has allowed me to have fun. The teachers don't keep any stress on the students and they are always there to help. The teachers and staff try their best to engage with the students at Martin and I really like that. Everyone in my classes are SUPER nice and friendly. Martin is one big family which I really love. I think Martin's best quality is just the teachers and staff itself, oh and I can't forget all the friendly students and peers. Even though it's Virtual Learning it feels so real. The staff are trying so hard to make our years at Martin so great and they are doing an amazing job! I have just finished my first quarter as a middle schooler and Martin has helped me go over challenges and struggles that I faced. I really am happy that I got into Martin and I can't wait to see what comes next!

    A.H., 6th Grade Student--The teachers and all the staff I have met so far are all really nice. Another thing I love about Martin is the way Martin is running the school this year even though it is virtual I think they have done a great job.

    S.C., 7th Grade Student--The teachers are nice and always there to help you when you need it. The counselors do a great job explaining the expectations, events, and how they can help you and the school as a whole.

    A.S., 7th Grade Student--When I first walked through the doors of Martin Middle School I was greeted with a loving hello from all of the staff which made me feel very welcomed. The staff are so kind and welcoming (and they have a good sense of humor). This continued throughout the whole year, every time I came to school someone said hi to each and every student walking past, whether it be the principal or the guidance counselor they always made me want to come back. They certainly made me feel welcome, so they can do the same for you.

    L.B., 8th Grade Student--I think the electives are the best because they have such a wide range and they have lots of interests that help prepare you for the future.

    A.A., 8th Grade Student--The teachers at Martin are amazing! They work really hard for their students to make sure they understand what their learning and they make going to school fun!


  • I’d heard volumes of praise about Martin from teachers and friends throughout our family’s years at Combs. However, I’d never been to the school. As soon as I arrived it became clear that Martin was the best option for my daughter and, eventually, for my son. What I remember most is that Martin buzzed with energy. When the bell rang, students filled the corridors, humming with chatter on their way to the next class. During class, students practiced dance and drama in the hallways. Teachers greeted me warmly as I toured the main building. The walls were covered in student-created art and murals. I left the tour feeling both inspired and at ease. I’d found a place where my children would thrive, academically and socially.

    My son is now in 7th grade at Martin. Unlike my daughter, who came to Middle School already pursuing her interests, my son has no idea what he wants to do. So, in 6th grade he explored a diverse set of elective options, including an Intro to Acting class that he didn’t register for. Thanks to the culture at Martin, my son was open to trying it. To his surprise, he loved it. Now, thanks to a nudge from his Acting teacher, my son plans to try out for the spring musical. I’m eager to find out what other interests he’ll discover this year. He’ll have a lot to choose from, including mythology, pottery, chess, nifty 50s, and logical minds. Regardless of what path he chooses, I know Martin will encourage him to continue to explore his interests and find his passion.



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