Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • What are some basic facts about Martin?

  • What does "gifted and talented" mean?

  • What is the difference between the Gifted and Talented and AIG Basics magnet themes?

  • What is the difference between AIG and Single Subject Acceleration, or SSA?

  • How do students receive AIG services at Martin?

  • How do students receive SPED services at Martin?

  • Do you offer before- or after-school childcare?

  • What athletic teams do you offer?

Rising 6th Graders

  • How do you help rising 6th graders transition from elementary school?

  • How are students assigned to teams?

  • What math classes are offered to 6th graders?

  • What if my student is assigned to a team that does not offer their assigned math class?

  • What if my student is not a team with their friends?

  • Why can't 6th graders be on athletic teams?

Magnet Applications

  • How do I apply for my student to come to Martin?

  • I logged onto the Magnet Application and Martin was not one of my options. What happened?!

  • What is my chance of getting into Martin next year?

  • What if my student does not get into Martin from the Magnet Application?

  • My student did not get into Martin after the reviews of the wait list. What are my options?

  • What can I do to get my student into Martin?

Elective Programming

  • How do students choose electives?

  • What if my student gets an elective they don't like?

  • My student receives SPED or other intervention services. How will you make sure they get electives they like?

  • My student has experience in (insert performing art here). How are they placed at Martin?

  • Why don't you offer (insert elective title here)?