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    Internship Information

    Internship Workbook 

    Please read the KHSCD Internship Workbook attached here which includes all forms for use during an internship. Individual forms are also provided for your use on this page. You must review the KHSCD Internship Workbook file before you submit an application.
    NOTE: The person listed as "Internship Coordinator" (noted in some internship documents) is Ms. Wright, the Career Development Coordinator at Knightdale High School.

    Internship Requirements

    • Students must have begun the 11th or 12th grade.
    • Students applying for an internship should a minimum overall unweighted GPA of 2.5.
    •  Students must determine their internship interest area and seek out a business that may be willing to allow the student to complete the internship (check with family friends, etc. for contacts with companies that may consider allowing a student to intern).
    • Students turn in two teacher recommendations to be considered for an internship.
    • The internship site may choose to pay a student, but most internships are not paid.
    • Students may not intern in a job in which they are currently employed.
    • Wake County Public Schools maintains liability insurance for all students who participate in an approved internship.
    • Internships may be taken in place of a class at school if the student is on track to graduate.
    • Internships are usually taken during the 4th period.
    • The internship includes completion of 135 hours of work-based experiences for one high school credit on a graded basis.

    How to Apply for an Internship:

    • First, determine the area in which you would like to complete an internship. If you are not sure of an area, you may want to complete one or more career assessments to help guide you to an area.
    • If you wish to take the internship in lieu of another class, check with your counselor to determine whether you are on track to graduate.
    • Find an organization/company that is willing to allow you to complete an internship.
    • Read the entire KHSCD Internship Workbook file (see below).
    • Students must complete the following forms to be considered for an internship: 
      • Internship Application (student, parent, and counselor signs).
      • Prerequisites for an Internship (student and parent sign).
      • Student Intern Code of Conduct (student signs).
      • The student submits a Resume.
      • Two teacher recommendations are required (see forms below).
      • After meeting with the company/organization who will host you - fill out the Internship agreement with the organization's sponsor/mentor and have the mentor sign, you sign, and your parent sign. When Ms. Wright receives the agreement, she will also sign. 
    • Return all forms to Ms. Wright in room 613.
    • Once you have met with Ms. Wright, you will also need to complete other forms as provided in the KHSCD Internship Workbook (shown below).

    During the course of the internship the student will:

    • Regularly check and use their WCPSS email address for communication with Ms. Wright. Students must be able to use their WCPSS email as a prerequisite for an internship. Students must be diligent in checking their email and responding on time.
    • Receive an Internship Checklist with the due dates of all assignments throughout the semester. The student and parent sign this form which is returned to Ms. Wright (part of the 15% administrative grade).
    • Develop Learning Objectives with the internship mentor (part of the 15% administrative grade).
    • Work with the business/organization for 135 hours, logging all hours worked on the Internship Timesheet, signed by the internship mentor/sponsor (part of the 15% administrative grade).
    • Complete a typewritten Internship Journal with at least ten entries (see instructions for the journal found in the Internship Journal document - 25% of grade).
    • Undergo periodic worksite evaluations and meetings with Ms. Wright (part of 15% administrative grade). Students must be good at managing their own time and maintaining contact with Ms. Wright based on the schedule given.
    • Arrange a time for Ms. Wright to visit the internship site to meet with the student and internship mentor. (part of 15% administrative grade).
    • Create a final electronic project that reflects the student intern's goals, interests, and area of career exploration - see the Final Presentation file for the outline of the final project (30% of grade).
    • Present the final electronic project to Ms. Wright and a class at KHSCD. The student must dress in business casual attire for the presentation. (part of the Presentation grade 30%).
    • Turn in all paperwork and assignments to Ms. Wright on a timely basis-see rubric for details.
    • Ensure that the mentor/sponsor completes the student’s Internship Evaluation which is returned to Ms. Wright at the end of the internship) (30% of grade).
    • Complete their own student Self-Evaluation form which is given to Ms. Wright at the end of the internship (part of 15% administrative grade).
    • Write a professional thank you note to the internship mentor/sponsor at the end of the internship and provide a copy to Ms. Wright (part of the 15% administrative grade).

    Honors Internships

    As of Fall 2015, CTE offers an honors version of the CTE Internship! 
    Students wishing to obtain honors-level CTE internship credit must apply for the internship using the same forms as the non-honors internship. Once accepted into the internship, the student will inform Ms. Wright of their desire to attain honors-level credit for the internship. During the course of the internship, students complete all internship assignments listed on the internship rubric. In order to add the honors quality points to the internship, the student must also complete two (2) of the four (4) enhancement assignments during the course of the internship, based on a schedule provided by Ms. Wright. 
    Enhancement assignments could include:

    • Career interviews
    • Career brochure
    • Organizational chart
    • Policy manual



    Ms. Wright, the Career Development Coordinator, reviews and assigns a grade to each aspect of these requirements, and computes a final letter grade. This final grade and credit added are added to the student's permanent record and will impact their high school GPA. This class is graded at an academic level or honors level. To qualify for an honors-level internship the student must first indicate their preference to Ms. Wright at the beginning of the internship class and complete the additional honors-level enhancement assignments based on the schedule given.