• You may request student records and transcripts online. Some requests will incur fees. The fee schedule is listed on the start page of the order process.

    The following records may be requested online:

    • Transcripts – high school grades and credits, graduation date (if applicable), and demographic information
    • Immunizations
    • Documents to apply for a new social security card or for DMV.
    • Documents for corrections on birth certificate – verification of name and or birthdate
    • Central Records does not provide duplicate diplomas.

    School records for K-12 students transferring to another school or district (these records must be requesting by the enrolling school) must be requested online:

    Effective June 1, 2019, in an effort to provide an enhanced and more secure service for our transfer students, all records requests for our former (transferring) students must be made online using K-12 Transfer.  Official records requests submitted by fax, phone, email and mail will no longer be accepted by K-12 schools or districts.  Please note there is not a fee for K-12 school or districts.

    To request records from a WCPSS school for a student who is transferring to your school, please visit:  https://transfer.scriborder.com/

    After the request has been submitted, if you have a question or concern, please either:

    • Contact Central Records at 919-694-0585 if you are a former student
    • Contact your high school if you are a current student requesting a transcript
    • Contact the WCPSS school of the K-12 student transferring to your school or district.

    We cannot give out student information, including Student ID #s, over the phone. In order to receive student information, you must request it online or in person at Central Records.