Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Cabezas

My name is Erik Cabezas. I have recently arrived from Colombia (best coffee in the world) accompanied by my wife and children, by the way, they are studying here at Yates Mill Elementary. Our daughter, Isabella, is in 4th grade and our son, Camilo, is in 2nd grade.  I am part of a Global teacher’s program and my mission besides teaching music is to be an ambassador teacher. This includes, integrating in my lessons: intercultural knowledge and global mindfulness to our future global leaders in Yates Mill. #unitingourworld 

Although my first love is music, I now have another love, which is teaching. For this reason, I got a bachelor’s degree in music education and recently received my first certificate in education and politics. This is all a part of my process to get a master’s degree in intercultural education.

About me: I love coffee, teaching, making music, and spending time with my family. (Luckily, I am getting a salary for teaching, and making music which are the things I most enjoy). My family and I are enjoying this time in the USA and above all, we are living our dream with our Yates Mill family!