• Meet your counselor:

    Ms. Bodek


    Laura Bodek



    Hi future Lightning!  I will be the 6th grade counselor at Lufkin Road Middle School for the 2020-2021 school year. I have been a school counselor since 2004 and have worked in elementary, middle, and high school in my time as a school counselor. 


    I received my Bachelor of Arts from James Madison University and my Master of Education from George Mason University.  Both of these schools are located in Virginia, where I am originally from.


    I have two kiddos of my own and love my time with them when I am away from school.  I also love hiking, photography, traveling, and yoga, but most of all spending time with my friends and loved ones.


    Virtual Open House 2020  Coming Soon!!!

    Due to schooling from home, we are working on a virtual open house.  Stay tuned!



    PowerPoint from Open House

    Click here for the PowerPoint from last year's open house.


    Frequently asked questions from Open House:

    1. Do you offer before or after school care?
      1. No, we do not offer before or after school care
    2. Do you have a Junior Librarian Club? Or an ASL club?
      1. We do not have either of these clubs, but you can see our full list of clubs on our website under the Student tab.
    3. If you can’t take a left to get enter the school, how do we navigate to the school?
      1. If you are coming down Ten-Ten Road, instead of taking a right onto Lufkin Road,turn right onto Reliance Avenue (right after the Sheetz). Take the next right onto Classic Road. This will bring you to Lufkin Road. Take a right onto Lufkin Road, and the school will be on your right.
    4. Where do clothes go from the “Note in the Pocket” clothing drive?
      1. All clothes go to Wake County students. For more information, go to https://noteinthepocket.org/.
    5. Can students get high school credits from any of the classes?
      1. Depending on what math class the student is in, they can get high school credit if they take Math 1 or higher. Students also have any opportunity to take 3 semesters of Spanish for high school credit
    6. How can you change your track?
      1. Contact Lisa Bannister, our data manager.
    7. If a student is in AIG during elementary school, do they need to reapply?
      1. No, the AIG status follows them to middle school. If they are coming from a different state, bring documentation of testing that took place in the other state and then we use that to identify them through reciprocity.
    8. How can a 6th grader get into AIG in 6th grade?
      1. A parent can make a request to be tested. There are two testing windows, one in the fall and one in the spring. Contact Lisa Adcock, our AIG teacher, to make a request.