• Nurturing for a Bright Tomorrow Pilot Program for Grades K-2


    This program is designed to:

    • improve young children's observation and description skills.
    • develop academic vocabulary.
    • clarify thinking processes that underlie content learning.
    • improve students' understanding of mathematics, social studies and science concepts taught in kindergarten. 

    Thinking Skills
    Students will develop six thinking skills throughout the course of this program. The six thinking skills include: observing, describing, defining, finding similarities and differences, sequencing, and classifying. These processes were selected because of their prevalence in academic disciplines, particularly mathematics and science instruction. The lessons are designed to teach the six thinking skills in the sequence in which a child develops intellectually.

    Habits of Mind
    Students will learn ways to think intelligently using the different Habits of Mind. There are 16 habits total. In kindergarten they will learn how to use 4 of the habits to better their classroom success. When they move on to first grade they will learn a few more habits to add to their knowledge bank.

    Pilot Program
    Wilburn Year- Round Elementary is working with Duke University to pilot this nurturing program. All kindergarten, first, and second grade teachers are receiving on-going training from teaching professionals who have vast amounts of experience with gifted education and diverse populations. It will build each year by including the next grade level. It will continue through 2nd grade. Each year a different program will be added to build on the learning experiences from the previous year.