FAQs and AIG Identification Process

  • AIG Identification Process

    ​All students in grade K-5 are eligible for AIG nomination. Parents and teachers are able to nominate students for referral to the School Based Committee for Gifted Education. Students may also self nominate. All nominations must be received in writing and during the designated time frame.

    Step 1: Nomination
    Parents, teachers, or students submit (in writing) a nomination for referral to the School Based Committee for Gifted Education.

    Step 2: SBCGE Review
    The SBCGE meets to consider all nominations. The committee reviews available student data and documentation based on formal and informal indicators and determines which of the nominated students will be referred for testing.

    ​The committee decides which students need to be sent on for AIG testing and which students do not. These students are chosen after a careful review of all current data. Further testing is taken very seriously.

    This will be the end of the AIG identification process for students who are not referred for testing.

    Step 3: AIG Testing and Data Collection
    ​In grades 3-12 referred students are scheduled for formal assessment in aptitude (Cognitive Abilities Test-CogAT) and achievement (Iowa Test of Basic Skills-ITBS) during established testing windows. The School Based Committee for Gifted Education collects student data during this time. This may include teacher and parent checklists, academic grades in reading/language arts and mathematics, writing samples, End-of-Grade and End-of-Course tests, literacy and mathematics profiles, work samples, projects and parent feedback surveys.

    Step 4: Identification Decision

    After all testing and data collection is complete the SBCGE will meet again to make a decision on whether it is best for the student to be identified as AIG. Multiple data sources and parent feedback are utilized to make this decision.

    Parents are notified about the committee's decision and the data used.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is there one test for AIG identification:

    A: No. There are multiple assessments given to students to determine their aptitude and intelligent. As well as teacher and parent feedback surveys. Multiple data points are used to determine eligibility.

    ​Q: Can the AIG just test my child and tell me if they're AIG?

    A: No. All students must go through the identification process. Part of this process involves parent permission letters and multiple data points.

    Q: How often is my AIG student served?

    A: All AIG students receive 45 minutes/subject of direct AIG time with the AIG teacher each week. The AIG teacher collaborates with the classroom teachers in order to provide support to AIG students in the regular ed classroom.

    Q: My child did not qualify. When can they be tested again?

    A: Students can only be tested once every calendar year. However, it is not recommended they be tested multiple years in a row.

    Q: Is AIG the only option for my highly capable student?

    A: No! SSA is another program offered by WCPSS. This program allows students to grade skip. They must meet the testing requirements. Students are tested for SSA each spring.

    Q: My student qualified for AIG. Is it required?

    A: No. Simply mark the NO box on the consent for services form when it comes home. Or, contact the AIG teacher and let them know what you want for your student ASAP.

    Q: Is my child is identified when does service begin?

    A: AIG services will begin as soon as you sign the parent consent allowing services to begin.

    Q: My student is in 3rd Grade Explorers - are they also AIG?

    A: No. 3rd Grade Explorers is a program offered to all third grade students. AIG is a different program for those who meet the gateways.

    Q: My AIG student is missing assignment and tests when they are in the AIG classrooms. What should I do? ​

    A: Contact your homeroom teacher or the AIG teacher ASAP. AIG students are not supposed to MISS any classroom work.

    Q: Will my AIG student get extra work now that they are in AIG?

    A: No! AIG students will receive additional instruction during their regular day. This will take the place of something in their general education classroom. The teachers will work together to provide the right amount of work and opportunities for each individual student.
    Do you have a question you don't see the answer to? Email Tamara Santana at (tsantana@wcpss.net) your question so she can provide you with an accurate answer. Thank you!!