Characteristics of the Gifted

  • Characteristics of Highly Able Learners


    ​1. Utilizes systematic and analytical problem-solving and decision-making skills.

    • Is able to hypothesize
    • Manages impulsivity
    • Asks the questions and poses problems
    • Sees relationships among unrelated facts
    • Seeks new associations
    • Demonstrates capacity for inquiry
    • Prefers “digging into” concepts/topics
    • Selects more complex approach or solution
    • Implements inventive/innovative strategies for problem-solving

    2. Contributes and supports ideas and concepts using elaboration and creative thought.

    • Is highly curious
    • Thinks and communicates with clarity and precision 
    • Is inventive
    • Enjoys exploration type activities
    • Generates many ideas
    • Expresses unique, original ideas
    • Constructs abstractions
    • Gives unusual, clever, unique responses

    3. Evaluates and synthesizes unit concepts.

    • Asks many questions of a provocative nature
    • Considers the what-ifs—inquisitive about why and how instead of what
    • Shows superior judgment in evaluating things
    • Can see implications and consequences
    • Formulates new possibilities
    • Restructures ideas
    • Has keen power of observation
    • Is creative, imaginative, and innovative

    4. Exhibits task commitment utilizing metacognition.

    • Is persistent
    • Has a strong desire to learn
    • Is a self-starter
    • Is self-motivated
    • Pursues individual interests
    • Seeks own direction (needs little help in knowing what/how to do)
    • Has outstanding power of concentration
    • Is self-evaluative/self-checking
    • Is skeptical

    5. Utilizes multiple resources and technology.

    • Is mentally and physically involved in the learning process
    • Creates multimedia products
    • Taps a variety of resources to gather information
    • Combines elements of materials/knowledge in a unique and creative manner

    6. Develops quality products.

    • Produces a variety of detailed steps
    • Delights in embellishing materials and ideas
    • Designs products related to real-life situations/needs
    • Creates products/clarifies learning for others
    • Adds unique insights to concepts
    • Strives for accuracy and precision


    ​Mensa is an international society for high IQ. The site linked below (click the icon) contains many resources for parents, students, and teachers.


    Visit the Wake County AIG page using the link below for more information about AIG.