Kindergarten Curriculum

  • North Carolina Essential Standards Kindergarten Visual Arts

    Note on Numbering/Strands:
    V - Visual Literacy, CX – Contextual Relevancy, CR – Critical Response 

    Visual Literacy Essential Standard 
    Clarifying Objectives 
    K.V.1  Use the language of visual arts to communicate effectively.

    • K.V.1.1  Identify various art materials and tools. 
    • K.V.1.2  Create original art that expresses ideas about oneself. 
    • K.V.1.3  Recognize various symbols and themes in daily life. 
    • K.V.1.4  Understand characteristics of the Elements of Art, including lines, shapes, colors, and texture. 
    • K.V.1.5  Recognize characteristics of the Principles of Design, including repetition and contrast. 

    K.V.2  Apply creative and critical thinking skills to artistic expression.

    • K.V.2.1  Recognize that artists may view or interpret art differently. 
    • K.V.2.2  Use sensory exploration of the environment as a source of imagery. 
    • K.V.2.3  Create original art that does not rely on copying or tracing. 

    K.V.3  Create art using a variety of tools, media, and processes, safely and appropriately

    • K.V.3.1  Use a variety of tools safely and appropriately to create art.
    • K.V.3.2  Use a variety of media to create art. 
    • K.V.3.3  Use the processes of drawing, painting, weaving, printing, collage, mixed media, sculpture, and ceramics to create art. 

    Contextual Relevancy Essential Standard
    Clarifying Objectives
    K.CX.1  Understand the global, historical, societal, and cultural contexts of the visual arts. 

    • K.CX.1.1  Use visual arts to illustrate how people express themselves differently. 
    • K.CX.1.2  Recognize that art can depict something from the past (long ago) or present (today). 
    • K.CX.1.3  Recognize key components in works of art from different artists, styles, or movements. 
    • K.CX.1.4  Recognize key components of art from different cultures. 
    • K.CX.1.5  Recognize that an artist’s tools and media come from natural and human-made resources. 

    K.CX.2   Understand the interdisciplinary connections and life applications of the visual arts.

    • K.CX.2.1  Identify examples of functional objects of art in the immediate environment, including home and school. 
    • K.CX.2.2  Identify relationships between art and concepts from other disciplines, such as math, science, language arts, social studies, and other arts. 
    • K.CX.2.3  Understand that artists sometimes share materials and ideas (collaboration). 

    Critical Response Essential Standard
    Clarifying Objectives
    K.CR.1  Use critical analysis to generate responses to a variety of prompts.

    • K.CR.1.1 Identify the lines, colors, and shapes in works of art. 
    • K.CR.1.2  Explain personal art in terms of media and process.