Wildwood Forest Step Team

  • Stepping is a form of percussion dance in which participants use their bodies to produce rhythms and sounds using footsteps, spoken word, and hand claps often in arrangements that resemble military formations.

    The Wildwood Forest Step Team was established in 2014. The team focuses on empowering students through the art of dance and rhythm for selected students in grades 3-5. Our goal for the group is to encourage teamwork, leadership, and cooperation among themselves and other students throughout the school. The team is also held to high standards in the areas of academic and behavior. Since 2014, the team has competed in many shows throughout the city and has won several trophies, medals, certificates, and awards.

    Be on the lookout for tryouts every fall and contact Ms. Cox or Mrs. Smith for an application. Check us out on December 10th in the Knightdale Christmas parade. 

  • STEP Team