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    Work is then neatly displayed.

    Our magnet theme, Arts and Design, allows students to look, listen, and learn as they use empathy. The goal is to create awareness of the world around them and spark curiosity. They may recognize a problem they want to solve.

    Students then begin to ask questions and research. They may watch videos, analyze data, and/or conduct interviews to help them define the problems. 

    Next, students apply newly acquired knowledge to begin to brainstorm, analyze, and combine ideas to generate a concept for what they will create that could help solve the problem.

    Finally, students actually choose an idea and create, build, or construct a prototype. It might be a digital work, a product, a work of art, or something they engineer. It might even be an action, an event or a system. Then they present their work to show what they learned. 

    Come for a visit and learn more about the design process.

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