•  Jacqueline Fuentes –School Social Worker E-mail: jfuentes@wcpss.net
    School social workers help with…
    -Home visits
    - Attendance issues (Mrs. Fuentes sends out attendance letters from the daily attendance reports. She will call parents or do home visits about attendance concerns. Severe cases may lead to court proceedings.)
    - Counseling students (individually & in small groups) for behavior, academic & emotional concerns
    -Physical needs (housing, food, transportation, homelessness, etc.)

    Cassandra Day– School Psychologist E-mail: cday2@wcpss.net
    School psychologists can answer questions about students who are struggling academically, behaviorally, or socially. School psychologists provide evaluations for students in consideration of special education services. They can also assist families in seeking community resources for psychological needs.

    Ellen McClay – School Counselor E-mail: emcclay@wcpss.net
    Counselors provide individual and small group counseling and classroom guidance. Counselors consult with parents and staff about academic, behavior, and emotional concerns. If your family is experiencing anything out of the ordinary, please let me know.  If I am aware of any special problems your child might be facing, I can observe your child and help both your child and you with difficulties that might surface.  I can also provide families lists of tutors in the area.

    Liz Newlin –School Nurse E-mail: enewlin@wcpss.net; cell: 919-868-7820 at LH on Thursdays
    School nurses help with medical concerns at school. If a student’s glasses are broken or lost & family needs help repairing/replacing or if family needs assistance getting glasses, please contact Ms. Newlin. If you are having trouble obtaining medical insurance or locating a doctor, please contact Ms. Newlin so she can assist you.