Expedition Electives


    Students observing the mini-pond

    Each quarter, students choose an Expedition elective to explore an area of interest within our environmental and life sciences magnet theme. These multi-age, multi-disciplinary Expeditions offer daily instruction on topics of student's interest, through hands-on opportunities and time to investigate, while connecting with life outside of the school walls. Expeditions extend our school-wide vision of promoting environmentally literate citizens. During this time, our students have access to a host of environmental and scientific equipment and technologies, including microscopes, temperature and pressure sensors, indoor tower gardens, outdoor trail cameras, spotting scopes, telescopes, weather instruments, and more. Expedition classes include a wide range of topics, such as:

    • It's for the Birds
    • Green Thumb
    • African Safari
    • Let's Go Lifecycling
    • Reptiles, Fish and Amphibians
    • Take me to an NC Park
    • 3,2,1 Blast Off!
    • Who Me? A Scientist?
    • Take me to a National Park
    • The Secret Life of Water 
    • Exploring Seeds, Leaves and Plants

    Check out our new Expedition website! (Expeditions tab)

    Roof top garden