• Environmental Inquiry

    Lincoln Heights Environmental Connections Magnet leverages children's innate interest in nature to instill critical thinking, scientific inquiry, and problem-solving skills. 

    Children will be drawn outside to experience and engage with the natural world in a variety of classes and activities on a daily basis.

    Environmental Challenge Inquiry Units (E-Inquiry)

    Through our school's project-based Environmental Challenge Inquiry Units, Students can explore real-world problems and challenges to gain valuable knowledge and develop deeper competencies. 

    Known as E-Inquiry Units among our students and staff, these unique classes are led by designated E-Inquiry teachers and focus on four broad themes including:

    • Living Things
    • Earth Science & Solar System
    • Weather & Climate 
    • Environmental & Community Connections

    Varying by grade, E-Inquiry Units have included presentations by local emergency personnel and community servants, field trips to an area farm, nature walks, research into the human system and its functions, study of natural habitats, tracking the moon, and more. 

    E-Inquiry Teachers

    Megan Jackson, mjackson3@wcpss.net 

    Christianne Stooks, cstooks@wcpss.net