• Car Riders

    Car riders (or "carpool") will dismiss from the front entrance of the school at 3:45 pm. Students will be dismissed from their classrooms to the carpool area and will meet their cars at the labeled cones in the loop. For safety, all students will enter and exit the car from the CURBSIDE.

    All families who plan to use carpool for any reason should request a carpool number. All carpool families will be given a rearview mirror tag with that number, and that number will stay the same from year to year for the entire family. Hang the tag clearly inside your car during afternoon dismissal for the staff member who will be collecting the numbers. Students should know their carpool numbers for a quick dismissal.

    If the student does not arrive quickly, the driver will be asked to pull forward to the purple line to wait for their student. When they arrive at carpool, a staff member will escort the student to their car.

    If the adult picking up the student does not have a carpool tag, they must park and sign-out the student from the front office. Only park in the front parking lot and only in the designated parking spots. Do not park in the back bus lot, or on the side of Tryon Road or Yates Mill Pond Road, as it is extremely unsafe. Do not park in the handicap area for carpool or walker purposes.

    All students, including safety patrollers, must be picked up from school by 4:10 pm. If the student's pickup arrives after 4:10 pm, an adult must sign the student out from the main office. 

    The carpool loop is a ONE-WAY traffic lane for drop off and pick up. Please enter from the Tryon Road entrance and leave through the Yates Mill Pond Road exit. When picking up, pull completely forward to the next empty cone. Be watchful for directions from staff members. A staff member or safety patrol student will help the student into the car, and the driver may then exit the parking lot.


    carpool lane  



    Families within walking distance - and that have a safe route available - are welcome to walk to/from school each day. Walkers must still have a carpool tag, and Parents/Guardians will be asked to present that number in order to pick up the student. Please wait at/near the front entrance for your student. A staff member or a safety patroller will escort the student out of the building, then you may leave the parking lot.

    An adult must be present to pick up the student.