• Carpool

    In the afternoons, carpoolers must report directly to the main hallway near the media center. Siblings should sit together in their designated area by number. They will be dismissed when the adult on duty calls their carpool numbers. We will dismiss students from the lobby at 3:45 pm until 4:05 pm. To ensure the safety of all carpoolers and maintain an orderly dismissal process, we ask that all early checkouts for appointments be prior to 3:15 pm. After this time, we will dismiss students at 3:45 pm in the carpool line. If appointments necessitate you checking your children out early, a person who is on your child’s locator card must pick them up in the office and present a valid ID. Please ensure that everyone who could pick up your child is on the card. We value your child’s safety and may not release your child to someone who is not on the locator card or does not have a valid ID.


    Students must be picked up by 4:05 pm. If you arrive after 4:05 pm, a parent must come in the office to sign your student out. A parent who  consistently arrives after 4:05 pm should enroll their child in the After School Care program. *Parents, please register for carpool numbers in the school office prior to the first time you pick up your children from carpool. You can get these tags during Meet the Teacher.


    If you already have a carpool number from last year, you will use it this year – you do not need to get another one. It is extremely helpful if you assist your child in remembering their number. If your child/ren uses a booster seat/car seat please have your child enter your car on the passenger side and help them learn to fasten themselves into the seat. This helps the carpool lane move faster. Also, please ensure that this number is displayed in the car that picks up your child. If you do not have your number or the teacher on duty does not know you, you will be asked to park and go to the office to sign your child out. While this can be irritating if you forgot the tag, remember that safety is our primary concern, so thank you in advance for adhering to the rules for carpool pick up. Carpool tags are to be returned to the school if you change schools.


    Please do not ask students to meet you at any place other than the carpool line. This is extremely unsafe. We appreciate you following these procedures carefully. Also note that parking along Yates Mill Road at all times is prohibited. 


    The carpool lane is a one way flowing lane. Parents and visitors will enter the parking lot from the Tryon Road entrance, and exit through the carpool lane onto Yates Mill Road. There will be five carpool drop off and pick up spots designated by colored cones. Students will be dismissed by an adult to wait at a colored cone. We ask that you pull forward to the cones slowly and a safety patrol member will unload or load your student quickly on the right side of the vehicle. If you are picking up safety patrol members, we ask that you arrive at 4:10 pm. If you are picking up After School care students, we ask that you arrive after 4:10 pm or park in a parking space. If there is a problem with the pick up or drop off of any carpool student, we will respectfully ask you to pull forward. We will then direct the traffic around you to exit onto Yates Mill Road. We ask for your patience during the first few weeks of school as we train our students on these procedures and during any inclement weather at arrival or dismissal. Handicap parking spaces are provided for visitors and parents who are on campus for school business, meetings, etc. Please do not use these spaces to attempt to circumvent carpool procedures. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.



    Our school does not have a designated walk zone. Therefore, it is strongly encouraged for all parents to use bus or carpool transportation for safety purposes. Please note, if you drive a car on campus pick up or drop off, the student is considered a carpooler. If a parent chooses to walk on campus to pick up a student, they must register for a walker tag at Meet the Teacher. When picking up a student, they should wait at the Tryon Road gym entrance with their walker tag. Walkers will be dismissed at 4:05 pm and escorted to the area by a safety patrol member or adult. This year, students will not be released to parents or guardians who “walk up” to the front entrance of the school because we want all students to be safely dismissed.