• ncedcloud  

     Teachers... Click here to watch a video on how to use your NCEdCloud account (same as the one for NCEES) to reset your students' PowerSchool passwords.

  • To Login to PowerSchool

    1. Login to your Wake ID
    2. Click Homebase/NCEdCloud
    3. Enter your Student ID #
    4.  Click PowerSchool

    Having Issues?

    1. If you're new to KHSCD or have never logged in, you may need to claim your account and answer security questions.
    2. If you can get into Wake ID but not Homebase/NCEdCloud, come to the Learning Commons before or after school for help from a librarian.
    3. If you cannot get into your Wake ID, see our help page.
    4. If you do not know your Wake ID or your Student ID #, ask your teacher to look it up.


This image shows the icon for Homebase/NC EdCloud
  • Return to the "Student Accounts" page

    If you are at the password reset station in the LC, please LOG OUT OF ALL OF YOUR ACCOUNTS & return to the "Student Accounts" page for the next student.