Your WakeID Account

  • WakeID


    Your Wake ID

    gets you access to...

    Google Apps, Canvas, and Student Email


  • Step 1: Log into your Wake ID

    • Username = WakeID, usually fmlastname (first initial, middle initial, last name)
    • PW = your student ID if it's the beginning of the year or you just had it reset, otherwise you had to create your own password that CANNOT include your student ID.


    Step 2: Click on the app you need

    • Google apps 
    • Canvas
    • Google Classroom
    • Email (Outlook)
    • Office 365
    • and more!


  • Having trouble? Have you tried the following?

    1. Make sure you are using your Wake ID (NOT your student ID #) as your username.

    2. Ask one of your teachers to reset your PW to your student id# (tutorial video for teachers)?

    3. Make sure that you have turned in the "Consent for Technology and Digital Resources Form"? 

    4. If you're still having issues logging in OR you can login but can't access one of your apps, stop by the Learning Commons before or after school for help from a librarian.

  • Return to the "Student Accounts" page

    If you are at the password reset station in the LC, please LOG OUT OF ALL OF YOUR ACCOUNTS & return to the "Student Accounts" page for the next student.