Car Rider Procedures

  • Please drive slowly and carefully around the drive
    Please be aware of your child and other children
    Please stay alert--wait until leaving carline to make phonecalls
    Please allow the Safety Patrol and adults to assist your student entering the car and do not get out of the vehicle

    AM Arrival
    The car pool begins at 8:45 AM. Should you arrive early, please pull your car over to form a car pool line starting at the sign. Please do not drop off your children early as duty for staff does not begin until 8:45 AM. You will find a sign indicating “the beginning of the car pool line”. Please form a single line along the right hand curb until the line reaches Fussell Avenue. Please pull forward to begin a second "double-stacked" lane.

    When you are within the “coned area”, safety patrol children and staff will be there to open your child’s car door and escort your child out. 6-7 cars pull in front of the school at a time. Please make sure your children are sitting on the passenger side to facilitate movement of the line and ensure their safety.

    The AM car pool line concludes at 9:10 AM. After that time, staff members are outside to monitor students who arrive until 9:15 AM. If your child arrives after 9:15 AM, please park your car and escort your child into the lobby to sign them in. Parents must escort children into the school after 9:15 AM and give the reason for their lateness.

    PM Dismissal
    A sign will indicate the start of the pull over area for carpool. Please form a single line starting at the sign along the right hand curb until the line reaches Fussell Avenue. Once the first line is full, please pull forward to begin a second, "double-stacked" lane.

    Most days parents can expect to be through the car pool process in 5–10 minutes. (At the start of the year, car pool dismissal will take a bit longer, as we will be teaching children safety procedures. Car pool should conclude shortly after 4 PM. Our emphasis is safety)

    Each parent must have a car pool hang tag displayed on their rear view mirror. A teacher at the end of the drive will call students’ numbers to the cafeteria where students will be waiting. Students will exit the building through the front doors.

    Car pool dismissal will begin at approximately 3:50 PM. Children are dismissed by number, in an orderly fashion. Children stand behind safety patrol students who escort them to their cars and help them inside. Children need to enter on the passenger side of your car. All students will be helped into the back passenger seat of your car.

    In an instance where your child is unable to fasten or unfasten their seat belt, please pull over after you drive through carpool to help your child. If a child is delayed in exiting the building, an adult will ask you to pull over to the side, when the line begins to move.