• Instructional support staff work with teachers to strengthen instructional practices based on student needs. They spend significant time with teachers and students in the classroom to support learning for all. Coaching, co-teaching, small group/individual student supports, and collaborative practices are all components of their roles. 

    Instructional Resource Teachers (IRT) and Intervention Teachers:

    Ann Johnston (K-5)

    Kevin Ledger (6-8)


    K-2 Literacy Coach:

    Renee DeGeorge


    ESL Teacher:

    Sheree Chen


    Cross-Categorical Resource Teachers:

    Ms. Bowman (6-8)

    Melissa Davidson (3-5)

    Bev Filer (K-2)

    Fouzia Farooqui-Shaikh (6-8)


    Austism/Behavior Support Teacher:

    Cassie Powell (AST/BST)


    Speech & Language Teacher: 

    Suzanne Tomalski


    Physical Therapist:

    Mary Lou Dodd


    Occupational Therapist:

    Megan Brachna