• Starting a New Club at Heritage

    • In order to start a new student-led club or organization at Heritage, students must complete this application and it must be submitted during the Application Window. 
    • Applications must have the signature of the club Advisor.
    • Completed applications must be submitted to SGA for review of the SGA Club Committee and approval of the Administration Team.
    • Completed applications should be turned in to STUDENT SERVICES for SGA


    Guidelines for Student-Let Clubs


    Clubs must meet the following guidelines to be considered:

    1. Objective of club is stated clearly and aims to foster RISK (Respect, Integrity, Self-Discipline, and Kindness) within the school community
    2. Club must have more than one student leader and at least one Junior or Sophomore in a club leadership role
    3. Teacher Advisor must sign the application form and agree to attend all club meetings
    4. Meeting times must be clearly stated (day of week, before/after school) and occur once or twice a month

     Club application will be denied for the following reasons:

    1. Serving the same or similar purpose as another club that currently exist
    2. Requiring mandatory fees from members
    3. Requiring transportation off campus 
    4. Requiring off-campus duties to be functional or to fulfill the club’s purpose 
    5. Requiring activities that must obtain permission slips 
    6. Requiring physical fitness waivers or medical clearance 
    7. Raising funds for causes and/or organizations outside of One School One Cause


    Application Windows: