Welcome to Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten Supply List

    • 1 Package Regular Crayola Crayons (18 Pack)
    • 1 Package Crayons (8 Pack)
    • 1 Box of Washable Markers (10-12 Count)
    • 1 Pack Pink Pearl Erasers (2 Count)
    • 8-10 Glue Sticks
    • 1 Pack of thin dry eraser markers (preferably Expo brand)
    • 1 Plastic Pencil Box Approx 8.5 X 5.5 (Walmart or Dollar Tree size)
    • Label with Children's Name for Classroom Use- Standard Size backpack large enough to hold an 11 x 14 folder
    • Lunch Money or Lunch Box -Daily Snack (Food/Drink)
    • Change of Clothes (seasonal) to remain in backpack 
    • Boys Only
    • Softsoap Brand hand soap
    • 1 Box of Tissues
    • 1 Box of Gallon Size Ziploc Baggies 
    • 1 Pack #2 Ticonderoga Brand Pencils
    • Girls Only
    • 1 Ream of copy paper
    • 1 Box of sandwich Size Ziploc Baggies
  • What is special about Kindergarten?

    This slide show will tell you more about Kindergarten.

    Our kindergarten field trips take place here at Penny Road.  We provide 4 different in-house field trips.  The activities are all connected to our Kindergarten science objectives. Science for Fun visits each of our classrooms and presents hands-on learning activities on the topics of “Property Parties” and “Mini Meteorology”.  Mrs. Arlene Maynard brings her Animal Adventures program (which of course includes many animals for us to touch and look at) and presents on the topics of “Curious Creatures” and “Vertebrates and Invertebrates”.  We love our in-house field trips and the students are always so excited when it’s time for another field trip!

    Holiday Workshop: As part of our economics unit, our students take on the roles of both producers and consumers. They make holiday gifts to sell at the end of the unit. If you are really good, you might see a gift with your name on it!

    Where in the World Wednesday: We explore one country a month each Wednesday.  We will learn about culture and traditions from that country, including food, clothing, music, art, hobbies, sports, and holidays.  The countries we choose will be based on where our Kindergarten students are from.  For our first month, we will be learning about Mexico.

    Green Eggs and Ham: We celebrate Dr. Seuss Day and St. Patrick’s Day by doing a special breakfast of Green Eggs and Ham! Yummmmy!


    Team Leader: Patricia Medwar | email: | website

    Assistant: Robin Mcllmoyle | email:

    Lindsay Davis | email:

    Assistant: Brenda Ross | email:

    Tanya Nelson | email:  | website

    Assistant: Vanitha Sreenivasan | email:

    Stacy Shak  | email: 

    Assistant:  Pamela Grissom |

  • Books and Beyond

    Kindergarteners can participate in “Books and Beyond,” our reading incentive program that rewards Kindergarten and 1st-grade students for books read at school and at home.

    Parents help students keep track of their reading progress on recording sheets, and progress is tracked on a big bulletin board in their hallway.  In the spring we have a special recognition ceremony honoring all of our fantastic readers. 

    Books and Beyond Recording Sheet

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