Team Antarctica: The Penguins

K Team
  • As a Kindergarten team, we are so excited that your child is beginning their amazing journey here at Penny Road Elementary with us. During this year, our children will not only learn to read, write and experience math in many fun ways, but they will also learn how to get along with others! We believe that as a Kindergarten team, we are establishing classroom and social habits that will foster a lifelong love of learning!

    We have many years of combined experience educating, nurturing and loving children.  Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Murphy and Ms. Beddingfield are all natives of NC and continue to enjoy the many aspects of our beautiful state. Ms. Medwar is originally from Rhode Island but has lived in NC for 21 years.  Mrs. Wohlschlaeger is originally from Kansas City, KS but has lived in NC for 9 years.

    We are so excited to begin this journey with you and encourage you to be active participants at home and at school with your child’s education.