School Improvement Plan

Committee Members

Committee Members 2017-2018: SIP Members were elected on May, 19th 2017
Chair- Renee Puckett
Kindergarten- April Beddingfield
1st Grade- Amanda Castaneda
2nd Grade- Dee O'Neal 
3rd Grade- Krystal Smith 
4th Grade- Barb Roll
5th Grade- Allie Schutrum
Media Specialists: Michelle Platts
Tech Facilitator:  Katherine Heywood
Special Education- Jeanna Leauma
IRT- Lisa Grove
ESL- Gail Irvin 
Teacher Assistant- Mandy Patterson 
School Counselor- Sarah Fenik
Specialists- Angela Gardner 
Teacher Assistant/Technology- Kerry Nixon
Administration- Mary Bohr, Sandy Post 
Parent Rep- Michelle Cardillo 
  • Our School Improvement Committee meets throughout the school year to identify potential areas of improvement within the school, and to prepare the school to meet national and state education standards. We have professional development goals for our teachers and outreach goals for the larger school community.

    Each year brings us a new opportunity to set our goals, and work hard to not just meet but exceed them. See our updated Student Improvement Plan.

SIP Committee Dates

2017-2018 SIP Meeting Dates 
Meetings are held in room 204 @ 7:45
August 18th
September 1st  
October 6th
November 3rd 
December 1st Quarter 1 Data Review
January 5th
February  9th Quarter 2 Data Review 
March 2nd
May 4th Quarter 3 Data Review
June- End of Year Staff Review