• Many colleges and universities require students to take a standardized college entrance exam to be considered for admission. The two most common entrance exams are the SAT and ACT. On this page you will find information on preparation, registration, and dates for when WYMLA students should take the tests.

    Preparation for College Entrance Exams

    WYMLA students take a variety of tests to prepare them for college entrance exams. These tests not only allow students to practice taking a college entrance exam, students also receive feedback on their college readiness. These exams are taken at school on a specific date.
    Practice Exam Eligible Students Test Date Registration Preparation
    PSAT - Practice for the SAT 8th Graders in Common Core 2,9th, 10th, 11th Grade October 19th 10th Graders are already registered. Preparing for PSAT
    PreACT 10th Grade Only October 26th 10th Graders are already registered. PreACT Information

    College Entrance Exams

    Exams like the SAT and ACT are administered outside of WYMLA. When registering for either tests, students can pick from a variety of tests dates and locations. 
    Exam Grade Level Recommended to Take ExamSite to Register for an Exam
    SAT 11th & 12thCollege Board
    ACT 11th & 12th
    11th Graders are already registered.