• Intramurals/FitClub

    Afterschool Intramural Program

    Dear WYMLA parents & students,

    In order to encourage student participation throughout the school, we will host after-school intramurals occasionally throughout the year.  The purpose of intramural sports here at WYMLA is to encourage students to be physically active and build camaraderie amongst the students.

    Intramural Participation Expectations

    Students must return the permission slip and certification of accident insurance from below.

    WYMLA Intramural Letter

    1733 Certificate of Accident Insurance

    Student cannot participate if absent or assigned a suspension or detention during the week intramurals/fitclub take place.

    Students must display positive behaviors and sportsmanship to coaches and students.  Behavioral issues may result in dismissal for the continuance of the intramural sport season.

    Students should be picked-up form school no later than 5pm from the front office area of the school. Students riding the activity bus will have study hall/ mentor tutoring  (in the media center) following intramurals as they await the activity bus.

    Students should only sign up for the program if they can attend.

    Students should be dressed in athletic and climate appropriate clothing.

    Intramural/FitClub sessions will be on Tuesdays from 2:30-4:15.  Students should have their transportation arrangements affirmed before choosing to stay for intramurals.  Emergencies are understandable, but if students are not picked up promptly they may forfeit their chance to participate in future intramural dates.

    Dates of sport options :

    What to look forward to… (possible intramural sports ..pending proper equipment)

    Flag Football                              3-on-3  Basketball Tournament

    Kickball                                         Knockout and King of the Rock (1v.1 basketball)

    Soccer                                                Sofcrosse

    Softball                                                Ultimate Frisbee

    Jogging                                                Fit-Club (details to come later)