You will use your NCEdCloud to login to PowerSchool, Canvas, and SchoolNet. You first need to "claim your account" by following the steps below:
    1. Using Google Chrome or Firefox, travel to the following link: http://my.ncedcloud.org 
    2. Click Claim My Account.
    3. Select LEA Student Claim Policy from the dropdown menu then click next
    4. Enter the requested information.
      -Your Pupil ID is your lunch number.
      -Be sure to enter your birthday as YYYYMMDD (for instance, if you were born on January 5, 2002, you would enter 20020105).
      -Your LEA/Charter Code is 920
    5. Click I'm Not a Robot
      -Yes, I'm aware that this is exactly what a deceitful robot would say, but click it anyways
      -You may be asked to complete a task to prove that you're not actually a robot (for instance, they'll show a bunch of pictures and you click all the ones that contain bread)
    6. It will then ask you to create a password. Pick one you can remember and write it down.
    7. Next, you will be asked to answer five security questions. You do not need to choose the first five. Select the ones that you will be most likely to remember the answer to. This will be used if you ever forget your password and are unable to ask a staff-member what your assigned format was.
    8. That's it! Now that you've claimed your account, you can login to your NCEdCloud (PowerSchool) account at http://my.ncedcloud.org with your ID# as your username and the password you created as your password. This URL can also be found under Student Links.