• Volunteer Registration Required

    Anyone who would like to volunteer on the playground, volunteer on a field trip, volunteer in the classroom, etc. must be a registered WCPSS volunteer.

    To register, volunteers need to use a designated computer in the Smith Magnet Elementary Office to complete their registration. All volunteers will need to register and pass a criminal background check. Website registration from home is not possible for security reasons.

    No individual may begin as a volunteer in any capacity on WCPSS property until the principal/department leader has received notification of the volunteer’s approval. All volunteers for the school year, new and previously-approved ones, have to go through this process.

    The Human Resources Department is responsible for the Volunteer Services Program for the school system. CRC’s will be reviewed by members of the Employee Relations Team in the Human Resources Department. Principals/department leaders will be notified by email if an individual is approved or denied with regard to their application to be a volunteer. If an individual is denied, he/she will be sent a letter from the Human Resources Department with information explaining the appeal process if he/she wishes to appeal.