Welcome to Our Hive
  •  Smith's International Baccalaureatte Primary Years Programme (grades Pre-K - 5th) attracts families from a variety of cultures and countries.  We take pride in our diverse learning community and encourage students to embrace who they are as we celebrate differences and similarities within our global atmosphere.  Instructional core (reading, math, science, social studies and writing) is integrated so that subjects become less of a worksheet task and more of a tool to investigate the world around us.  Our magnet allows students to individualize their education with a student-directed inquiry-based curriculum.

    Students at Smith have access to a variety of technologies including: iPads, ChromeBooks, laptops, Virtual Reality, 3-D printers and much more.  These tools aid students in their research as they become global citizens.

    As an IB PYP school, we feel the best education includes character building in addition to academic success. Our educators work hard to emphasize the importance of the IB PYP Learner Profile traits (caring, reflecting, communicating, being open-minded, inquiring, being knowledgeable, being principled, staying balanced, thinking, and taking risks).  We value your student as a whole, and try our best to create a family atmosphere where your entire family has a sense of belonging.

    To increase the effectiveness of communication and global awareness, Smith provides many world language opportunities.  Every student at Smith receives 45 minutes of world language instruction each day.  We also offer a Spanish Dual Language Immersion program that students can join in Kindergarten with a goal of becoming fluent in Spanish as they progress through immersion K-12.  Students in the Immersion program substitute an additional inquiry time into their day in place of the daily world language since they are immersed in their language every day.