School Improvement

  • The purpose of school improvement is to improve achievement and outcomes for every student by working to eliminate the ability to predict achievement based on socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity.

    We do this by collaboratively and continuously analyzing data and making decisions considering the unique needs of the learning community and the district's strategic plan.


  • School Improvement Team Membership


    • Gia Hoke- Principal
    • Pat Williams- Assistant Principal
    • Renee Puckett- Process Manager
    • Krystal Smith- Process Manager
    • Trish Medwar- Kindergarten
    • Lynzi Daniel- 1st Grade
    • Kate Peacock- 2nd Grade
    • Heather Brush- 3rd Grade
    • Barb Roll- 4th Grade
    • Allie Schuturm- 5th Grade
    • Ruth Cariani- Special Education
    • Tracy Dotterman- Psychologist
    • Sara Fenik- School Counselor
    • Lisa Grove- Instructional Resource Teachers
    • Gail Irvin- ESL Teacher
    • Yvonne Koch- Specialist
    • Amanda Patterson- Instructional Assistant
    • Jeanna Leauma- Special Education/MTSS
    • Angela Heinisch- Parent Representative

    School Improvement team members approved on May, 11th 2018

    School Improvement Meetings

    All school improvement meetings will be held in Room 204 at 8:00 am.

    • Friday, September 7th at 8:00 am
    • Friday, October 5th at 8:00 am
    • Friday, November 2nd at 8:00 am
    • Friday, December 7th -Quarter 1 Quarterly Review at 8:00 am
    • Friday, January 4th at 8:00 am
    • Friday, February 1st -Quarter 2 Quarterly Review at 8:00 am
    • Friday, March 1st at 8:00 am
    • Friday, April 5th at 8:00 am
    • Friday, May 3rd -Quarter 3 Quarterly Review at 8:00 am
    • Wednesday, June 12th-End of Year Staff Meeting Quarter 4 Quarterly Review at 8:00 am

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