• Each school is required to have a school improvement plan (SIP). This plan is the guiding principle of the school and is in direct alignment with the Wake County Public School System's mission, goals, and strategies. The SIP can address: student achievement, technology, school climate, school safety, etc.
    MEETING DATES/TIMESThe WMS SIP Team meets the 2nd Monday of every month beginning at 3:40 PM in the school's media center. These are open meetings and all stakeholders are welcome to attend. Please contact our SIP chair, Ms. Monica Haun or Ms. Cleveland with questions or for a copy of the agenda for the next meeting.

    SIP Team Meeting Dates: 

    • September 11
    • October 9
    • November 13
    • December 11
    • January 16 (Tuesday)
    • February 12
    • March 12
    • April 16
    • May 14
    SIP Team Members           
    Monica Haun, Teacher - Chair
    Alison Cleveland, Principal
    Mary Ciffone-Baker, Assistant Principal
    Annette Stegner, Assistant Principal
    Brian Kiesler, Teacher
    Gina Debose, Teacher
    Christina Levey, Teacher
    Kelsie Stocz, Teacher
    Amanda Peck, Teacher
    Brant Morris, Teacher
    Michelle Willis, Teacher
    Jean Mesias-Bynog, Teacher 
    Meredith Furr, Counselor
    Ruth Krainik, Intervention
    Pamela Morrison, Data Manager