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    Posted by Felecia Locklear on 8/24/2017

    Welcome family and friends of Brooks Museums Magnet Elementary School.  Brooks is an incredible place with incredible students, staff and parents.  Our hands on, project based approach to teaching and learning provides students with engaging and authentic educational experiences.  Our partnerships with local museums are the support we use to enhance and apply our daily curriculum.  The exhibits and projects displayed throughout our school are the culmination of integrated teaching across curriculums and real world experiences that demonstrate what our students have learned.  When you walk through our school, you see a museum of children’s work that we all take pride in sharing with you! 


    This is my sixteenth year as the principal of Brooks Museums Magnet Elementary School.  I have worked at Brooks longer than my students have been born!  I love this school and have created some wonderful memories that will be with me forever!  I became the principal at Brooks when it wasn’t a magnet school and was able to be on the forefront of the transition to our museums magnet school!  I saw some of our students as babies being pushed in strollers by their mothers when their older siblings were students at Brooks.  I remember when we had snow/sleet/ice and some of the staff and students had to spend the night at Brooks because no one could travel on the roads!  This night was crazy because Mrs. Taylor and I had to cook and serve food in the cafeteria, and the kids got to watch movies before they went to sleep on the classroom floors!  I remember when I made a bet with the school PTA families and student that they couldn’t raise a certain amount of money and when they did I got hit in the face with a Cool-Whip pie. I was able to get them back by attacking everyone with Silly String in return!  I have definitely had a great time at this school!


    I hope you are having a great year and making great memories on your own.  We still have lots of wonderful happenings planned and prepared.  The Book Fair, Community Reads Day, Student Led Conferences are all coming up in the next few weeks!  Teaching and learning experiences will continue until June 8th for our school family.  I look forward to working together to make sure you have all you need to be ready for the next step in your school years and have had a great time making those steps!


    Take care and enjoy your time at Brooks!

     F Locklear


    Felecia Locklear, School Principal

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