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     Instruction of core subjects does not occur in isolation.  Math and literacy are integrated into Art, Seminar, Physical Education, Music, and Media/Technology.  Teachers work closely with specialists (MITs) to ensure that connections are made between all subjects and that units of study are well integrated.




    Paideia principles are held as core professional beliefs by all staff. They serve as the cornerstone for the instructional methods used at Brooks.  Teachers facilitate seminars and coach students through projects within integrated units of study. Teachers are coaches and lifelong learners.  



    Brooks embraces diversity and strives to create a strong sense of community within each classroom, across the school, and among school families. Morning Meeting occurs each day in every classroom and is used to ensure a sense of belonging for each child, to intentionally build relationships, and to build positive communication skills.

    Primary Sources


     Learning at Brooks centers around authentic experiences. Objects, artifacts, and primary sources are used as inquiry points throughout all curricular areas.


    Study-Guided Trips

    Study-guided trips to museums and authentic locations are purposefully planned and directly aligned with integrated units to provide learning opportunities beyond the classroom walls.