• Wake Early College of Health and Sciences

    Homework Plan 

    (reviewed by staff annually)


    Homework (reference Board Policy 3135) 



    We, the staff of the Wake Early College of Health and Sciences, believe that homework is an important component contributing to student success.  Furthermore, we believe that homework assigned should be meaningful, reasonable in length, and should be assessed or checked by the teacher.  Though homework may vary in purpose and design, we agree on the following guiding principles:


    • Students and parents will be notified of homework percentage values or proficiency standards (not to exceed 15% per board policy).
    • Students need to know expectations for assessment and grading of homework
    • Parents should be encouraged to check and help with homework but not do the homework.
    • The time guidelines for homework are 120 minutes per day for all high school courses combined.

    Grading Plan


    Evaluation of Student Progress (reference Board Policy 3400)



    We, the Wake Early College of Health and Sciences staff, are committed to providing a fair and consistent process for evaluating and reporting student progress that is understandable to students and their parents and relevant for instructional purposes. Though grading systems may vary in design, we agree on the following guiding principles.


    Grading System

    • Grading systems aim to appropriately and consistently measure and communicate an individual student’s mastery of defined learning objectives.
    • Grading practices will foster college readiness and content mastery through opportunities for extended learning and remediation in a time-bound fashion.
    • For students at risk of academic failure, teachers and staff will develop and implement a support plan.



    • Grading policies from other high schools
    • Basement scores
    • Assessments (20% final exams, EOC 20%) (unless changed by the state)