Final Principal Message to Graduates

Posted by Scott Lyons on 6/26/2020 9:15:00 AM

Hello, Husky Graduates,


This is the final weekly message for the Class of 2020 Graduates. 


Once the year-end transition process take place starting June 30, graduates will no longer have access to their WCPSS email account or information kept in any folder under their wakeid account.  Please encourage your graduate to check for anything they may need to save to another source prior to June 30.


This past week our staff has been preparing final transcripts to colleges indicated on the graduate intention survey.  There is no need for students to send another email to make this request. Graduates who have had a college change or general transcript questions should send an email to CFNC also released electronic transcripts this week to NC colleges and universities.


Final transcripts are also being uploaded to the NCAA portal for all student athletes who have an eligibility center account.


Class of 2020 graduates who took AP exams only have until June 30 to enter or change the code for the college they want to receive scores.  AP scores must come directly from CollegeBoard to the selected college, and graduates are solely responsible for this task.  They should log into their account.


AP exam scores will be released beginning July 15.  Students have until June 30 to verify all account information, especially email and HHS school code (344118) to ensure access to scores.


If you would like to view or purchase proofs of photos taken by Lifetouch during the Husky Graduate walk, please refer to the flyer placed in the Class of 2020 bag. 


Again, congratulations to all graduates.  We wish you all the success and happiness in the world.


Warm regards,

Scott Lyons