Principal Weekly Message to Grades 9-11

Posted by Scott Lyons on 5/22/2020 9:40:00 AM

Hello, Huskies,


Information slides and presentations from the freshman, sophomore and junior virtual meetings can be found on the Student Services page of our school website.  Click on the specific grade level to access these items.  All who missed the sessions are encouraged to watch


We are still accepting course change requests.  Students can access the link from the academic page of our website under the Course Registration tab.  Deadline is June 1.


Congratulations to all of our students who completed AP exams.  Those who were unable to test in these past two weeks will be provided with another opportunity during the June 1 – 5 late testing sessions.  Ask your students to check emails often so that they can respond and confirm their exam to receive an “e-ticket” to test.


There is still time for students to work on and submit assignments for a chance to improve their course average before teachers post final grades on June 5.  There will be a quick turn-around for families to submit the grade choice form by June 12.  This is a one-time decision not to be revisited once made.  You’re encouraged to seek academic advising from your assigned counselor as well as view resources on the Remote Learning page of our website.  Our counseling team has added a document to guide you through the process of calculating a GPA, for those of you who need it.  This form will be available in early June. 


Please encourage your son/daughter to explore the Virtual Learning Page found on the HHS Career Development Services website. For a link to those resources:


Students interested in taking courses at Wake Tech through the Career and College Promise program have until May 29 to view the mandatory online information session and complete the survey.  After this date the info session will no longer be available until enrollment begins again for spring.  Go to to access these resources.


Upcoming events:

June 4:  Textbook drop off day #1 (1pm – 4pm)

June 8:  Tentative release date of school awards video.  Parents of award recipients will be notified in advance of students who will be recognized.

June 9:  Textbook drop off day #2 (1pm – 4pm), award pick up, grade decision form drop off

June 11:  Final textbook drop off day, award pick up, grade decision form drop off


If you need to reach a staff member but are unable to electronically, you can call 919-570-5600, ext. 20712 and leave a detailed message.  This number is checked daily for messages.


Warm regards,

Scott Lyons