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September 28, 2023


Tomorrow we will conclude and celebrate our PANDAmonium fundraiser with a fun mini-field day party for each grade level!  We want to express a huge thank you to the whole school community for your support with this year's PTA fundraiser.  So far, we have raised just under $35,000 and there is still one more day!  We are so close to our goal of $45,000 which would earn the inflatable slides to add to tomorrow's festivities!  About $25 per student would take us over the top!  You can track our progress and donate here.



Open House Next Week!

Our 2023-2024 Penny Road Open House will be held on Tuesday, October 3 from 5pm to 6pm.  This is event is for adults and will include information about the curriculum for the year and opportunities for family involvement.  Each teacher will present two identical sessions at 5:00pm and 5:35pm.  Please stop by the cafeteria during Open House to visit the booths with our specialists and the PTA!

Third grade families who are interested in more information about Read to Achieve law and the impact on third grade students are invited to the cafeteria for a session with Mrs. Gentile at 6pm.



Class Sizes

Our panda family is growing!  Due to a significant and unexpected enrollment increase over the last six weeks, we will be adding an additional classroom in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade to reduce class sizes.  If your grade level is impacted, you will receive an email on Monday with additional information about the new classroom and the process we will use to move students into that class.  Mrs. Harrison will also be available in the Media Center from 6:00pm to 6:15pm Tuesday after Open House for a Q&A about the transition process.  Second grade families, we are cognizant of the shifts that occurred in first grade and will strive not to ask any students who shifted in first grade to shift in second as well.  We appreciate your understanding and hope you share in our joy to welcome new staff to the panda family.



Picture Day!

Strawbridge will be present to take pictures for the yearbook on Monday, October 16.  All students will be photographed for the yearbook.  Information about how to pre-order photos will be coming soon!



Cafeteria Health Rating!

After a recent inspection, our school cafeteria has earned yet another perfect score!  We are so grateful for Ms. Cindi Scali and her amazing team in the cafeteria.



Field Trips

The Penny Road pandas are venturing into the community in full force this year as we engage in off-campus field trips K-5.  We want to support all of our students in being able to access these memorable experiences!  If your family needs support with the cost of the field trip, there are available funds dedicated to this.  Please reach out to your child's teacher or our school social worker, Stacie Dababnah at, for more information.



Carpool Reminders

We continue to ask that everyone please refrain from taking a left out of the school onto Penny Road during both morning and afternoon carpool.  Additionally, if your child needs your assistance getting out of the car in the morning, we would like to ask that you please park in the lot so that you have ample time to help them and then walk with them across the carpool lane.  Our top priority is always student safety and we are trying to prevent cars pulling around each other in the mornings.  Thank you for your support!




All students in second through fifth grade should be bringing their Chromebooks home each evening and returning with them to school each day.  Though we understand that this may not have been the practice in prior years, it is part of the district's policy.  Any questions can be directed to Emma Fox, our librarian, at



Morning Visits

We have many students who are late to their classes each day due to being other places in the building.  Please help us by encouraging your student to go straight to their class in the mornings.  Students should not be using arrival time to visit former teachers and, now that our youngest pandas have settled into their routines, we ask that older siblings say their goodbyes where their paths split.  We appreciate your support ensuring everyone has a smooth start to their school day.